In these times of overused of technology, excesses of external stimuli and stress, our Teens needs a space to learn how to center and connect with their own power. Certainly, this is a lifetime journey, but we are passionate and committed to plant this positive seed on them.

In this workshop, they will learn basic principles, tools and exercises that they can apply daily to express their full potential and have a more balanced and fulfilled life.

They will learn how to take the lessons from the mat to real life:

– To gain more confidence in themselves

– To have more resilience

– To have a more balanced and relaxed mind in times of challenges and insecurities

– To connect more with their own potential and power

– To build a healthy self-esteem

– To know themselves more

– To be more present and aware to themselves and their surroundings

While having a lot of fun and meeting new friends!

Taught in English by Gita Pimentel

Rainbow Yoga Kids & Teens Instructor (Approved by Yoga Alliance)

Divine Values School Instructor

Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach 

AGES: From 12 years-old to 17 years-old



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