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Column “Sana tu Vida” (Heal Your Life) published in the Venezuelan newspaper ‘El propio’

Being grateful for the things that we have –small, simple or big – and the people present in our lives does not only make us feel good and have good vibes, but it also helps us attract into our lives more things to be grateful for.

This happens due to the Law of Attraction. When we are ‘ungrateful’, life turns its back on us and sends us more problems and misfortunes. However, when we are grateful for being alive, to say the least, life starts smiling at us and things get better.

How to be more grateful:

• Appreciate, value and be grateful for your life as it is now, with what you have and what you don’t. Focus on the positive things that are present in your life, because everybody has things, people and reasons to be grateful for.

• Stop complaining, even when you think that you have plenty of reasons to. Complaining means focusing on the negative and that will attract more things to complain about, because you are not open to receive the things, people and situations that you want in your life.

• Let go of the negative aspects in your life or those plans which haven’t been successful.

• Every morning, when you wake up, be grateful for at least three things that you have in your life.

• If you are stuck in traffic or you have to wait at a place, make a good use of your time. Make a mental grateful list. What do you feel grateful for while reading this article? You’ve already created your first grateful list!

• The more you read your grateful lists, the more good vibes you will have. Luck will start smiling at you!

Column “Sana tu Vida” (Heal Your Life) published in www.inspirulina.com

BIBLIOTHERAPY – Healing through books

One of the best gifts we can give and receive is a book. Consider reading as a practice that can transcend the intellectual exercise or entertainment, reading can be therapeutic;” and when we heal through the process of reading or writing a book is known as “Bibliotherapy”, word that comes from the Greek “library” means book, and “therapy” cure or restoration.
Thanks to the written testimony of Jesus, Patanjali, Yogananda, Buddha, Milarepa, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, Dalai Lama and many teachers and sages we are separated by time and space, many have found a way of awakening, awareness, elevating the level of consciousness, peace, tranquility and some even enlightenment. This kind of reading gives us the guideline to reflection and self-knowledge. Of course, we also talk about texts that are intended for personal growth and can be found in bookstores under the name of “self-help” or “spirituality”.
Thanks to bibliotherapy we may feel supported and comforted by answers full of wisdom and healing. There are cases of authors who having overcome tragedies, addictions, hard lives; they choose from the depth of their healing and evolution, share their experiences through a book; in this way, the reader with similar situation, first, do not feel alone, but also is identified with the author from their situation in common then, and here comes the mighty of Bibliotherapy, may be able to follow the same path of personal growth.
The best example for me is Louise Hay, who embodied in her book “You Can Heal Your Life” a system of self-help, in which, among other therapies, she both healed her cancer (the effect) as the cause: a life full of sexual and emotional abuse; this is a book to have it on hand, because just conscientiously perform the each proposed exercise, undoubtedly opens healing processes in any area of life.
Eckhart Tolle, lived a deep depression that led to suicide intent, he gives us “The Power of Now”, a wonderful manual to help us live in the present moment. Marianne Williamson, overcame her addiction to psychotropic substances, and her book “Return to Love” is known as a must in spirituality.

With humility, I give my own example, as I have the privilege of participating in an anthology book, in which 46 women and I shared our stories, “Women Living Consciously”. I tell in the book how my process of personal and professional transformation, began by cysts on my vocal cords, and I was “obliged” to be in silence and listen to my inner voice.
Many renowned authors emphasize that reading plays a role in healing in the psychological and spiritual levels. So, my strong suggestion is to do this kind of reading, a new companion for your days.

COLUMN “SANA TU VIDA” (HEAL YOUR LIFE) published in the Venezuelan Newspaper ‘El Propio’

I know life can be so difficult sometimes that it may seem against us. However, if you only focus on the negative, on what is missing, on what you want but don’t have, on what you call problems or misfortunes, you will attract more of that into your life. Stop complaining! Complaining means focusing on what is missing and, by doing that, you will attract more reasons to complain.

Do you remember a film called The Secret? It was about the Law of Attraction and how your thoughts and feelings determine what you attract into your life. If you are positive, you will attract positive. If you are negative, you will attract negative.

Let me give you one example. Suppose that somebody you know got mugged, you immediately start feeling scared, desperate and anxious. You start talking about it with everybody and the more you think and talk about it, the worse you feel. By doing that, you vibrate in a negative frequency that will attract into your life more of what you fear or worry about. The Universe says: “You’re scared of being mugged, you don’t feel safe in the streets, you’re right.” If you are mugged, it is because the energy within you attracts it.

Little by little, you can make things change by changing your way of thinking. Let’s use the same example. When you hear or read about a person being mugged, change your thoughts, get rid of that fear and repeat in your mind, as many times as necessary, an affirmation that makes you feel the opposite of that feeling of panic, such as: “I am safe and protected at all times.” What’s important is that you quickly think of something that makes you change a negative thought into a positive one and that you think about it in the present tense, not in the future tense. This is of vital importance for it to work. I know it sounds like a lie or something silly, but science has proven that it really works. Do your best, give it try and make this universal law work in your favor.

Published in the Venezuelan magazine ESTÉTICA Y SALUD (Aesthetic and Health)

When I was suggested to write about this topic, I loved it. It has always fascinated me so much that I even conduct a workshop “Manifiesta en Abundancia” [Manifest in Abundance], in which I go in depth on this topic.
If you want your dreams to come true, it is highly important that you walk on solid ground. Let me explain it to you:
Apart from the physical realm, there are a quantum energy realm and a spiritual realm. Our dreams are first created in the realm of the intangible; they are already conceived in the divine matrix, in the realm of infinite possibilities. In order for our dreams to come true, they need to pass from the realm of the intangible to the physical one, since we live in a physical world. Quantum physics confirms that matter is energy. So, in order to make changes in the material world, it is necessary to make them in the energy realm.
There is much to say on how to manifest our dreams. However, I will focus on today’s topic, as the title of a book reads, “With Your Head in the Air and Your Feet on the Ground.”
We have energy centers in our body, called chakras. The Muladhara or root, located on the perineum between the anus and the genitals, connects us with Mother Earth, with our source of livelihoods, with the realization of our dreams, plans and goals. It is therefore essential that we keep it open, balanced, unblocked and active so that our dreams are not left in the realm of the unmanifest.
To take root, this daily exercise may be useful:
Stand with your knees slightly bent; imagine you are a tree and roots grow out of your feet reaching the heart of the planet.
Try walking barefoot on the ground, even if it is at home. Do not wear leather shoes or sneakers during this exercise.
Take with you and program some of the following gems: hematite, red jasper, garnet or red coral. If you find them in malas or necklaces, it is even better. Research has proven that cutting gems into a sphere exponentially increases its properties.
Consult an energetic therapist to get an evaluation and to get your root center unblocked and activated.
Do yoga. There are certain asanas (poses) which purify, stimulate and activate it: Tadasana, known as the mountain pose; Uttanasana or the poses with the palms next to the feet; Trikonasana, known as the Triangle, Virabhadrasana or the warrior pose.

Column “Sana tu Vida” (Heal Your Life) published in the Venezuelan newspaper ‘El propio’

Did you know that fasting is the best natural detoxification? But do not be afraid, during fasting the body does not stop feeding but does so throughout its own reserves. Another good reason? Since the organism does not need to spend energy in the processes of digestión and assimilation of nutrients, it uses fasting to heal and eliminate waste residues. Let us understand that fasting itself does not really cure, it is the body that heals while fasting. During the process of fasting, the cells, tissues and organs live a true renewal.

We can take broths made with skins, stems and vegetables remnants that usually we would have dumped; fruits juices or just water. Some nutritionists believe that it is important to begin and end any fasting smoothly, with fruit juices or sweet and not acidic fruits that may resent the stomache.

Another benefit of fasting is that it decreases muscle tension which has even been created by emotional and psichological tensions that block the body´s energy. – ¡But if when I stop eating I feel weak! – This is at first but in the end your body is recuperating energy. Of course, I do not mean to spend days and days without eating. And provided you are in good health and do not have a condition like diabetes or hypoglycemia, for example.

Published in the Venezuelan magazine ESTÉTICA Y SALUD (Aesthetic and Health)

Anyone who knows me for some years knows that my life has turned around 360 degrees. I firmly believe, since I experience it, that it is possible to live better, live well. Creating quality of life, beyond social circumstances and the environment in which we have to live. I want to invite you to make changes I share with you:

1. – ELIMINATE PHYSICAL TOXINS: Mainly to stop eating meat. To those who defend its consumption, let me tell you that I recently had a health check-up, which showed that iron and all nutrients levels are perfect, and are low in cholesterol and triglycerides. Meats have toxins not only physical but emotional, energetic. Animals really suffer and that suffering and death power is impregnated into the consumed meat by altering the consumer, predisposing to depression and/or aggression. Since I eat greens and vegetables, I feel lighter, healthier.

2. – ELIMINATE MENTAL TOXINS: We pollute not only what we eat, but with toxic thoughts. We have the power to choose what to think. I have learned from Louise Hay, as I am instructors’ trainee in philosophy, that the power of positive affirmations to instantly change negative thought, and therefore, how we feel at that moment and what we attract to our life. We know that our reality is a reflection of what we think and believe, that’s why it is so important to do a regular mental cleansing. When a negative thought comes to you, change it to a positive statement. When someone comes to you with bad news, you have to decree, “that’s not my reality. “It is not a matter to evade reality, but to hope that the seed you are sowing in the present, making a conscious choice to positive thinking, will have its positive result in your future. Watch what goes into your mind. Limit your consumption of news. Do not see them before going to sleep, because with this negative energy loads you impregnate your being and your hours of “rest”, sending messages to your subconscious mind of helplessness, anxiety, fear, concerns, etc.

3. – ELIMINATE EMOTIONAL TOXINS: To free ourselves from negative emotions, it is necessary first of all to recognize them. Recognize that anger, fear, guilt, etc. you’re feeling. On another occasion I can go into detail about the importance of forgiveness (toward yourself, people, places or situations); today, I just recommend that you start saying daily, “I am willing to forgive…” A couple of very effective and harmless therapies for releasing negative emotions is to write on paper and then punching a pillow or cushion while you scream. In both therapies you do not censor yourself, express everything you’re thinking and feeling, which is affecting you. Then breaks and burns the paper.

4. – TO COMMIT TO A DAILY SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: Make daily conscious actions to connect to God, the Divine, the Universe, the Creator, or whatever you call that Infinite Love Energy that is greater than all, all-encompassing, that everything is.

5. – MEDITATION AND DEEP BREATHING EXERCISES: Definitely, first performing deep breathing exercises, called pranayama and kriya and then, to meditate; it has given me quality of life and consciousness expansion. They give health to the body, mind, emotions and soul. This practice encourages me to do the other 4 mentioned herein. So, if a sole point remains, it would certainly be this one.

Last but not least, as you start your day, your day is how you live your day, and how you live your life. Start each day, giving thanks, even before opening the eye.

Column “Sana tu Vida” (Heal Your Life) published in the Venezuelan newspaper “El Municipal”

The most advanced worldwide technology has demonstrated how a group joined in thoughts and emotions can influence the environment. Ancient traditions and avant-garde sciences have converged in the secret for achieving that: communicate the heart to the brain. The Heart Math Institute (Matemática Del Corazón) called it a state of coherence. In the presence of an individual coherence field, in which the thoughts and emotions are aligned, a social coherence might be generated. When many people come together with same thoughts and positive feelings, they affect the environment vibratory field and in the presence of this coherence, the persons who live within this geographical space, are less aggressive, that is, in this vibratory state, it is energetically impossible to maintain a state of anger.

Gregg Braden – whose books have appeared in several occasions in the New York Times best sellers lists– said in a conference which I attended, in Pasadena, California, that a vitally important factor in order to really create a change in the environment is as follows : ” The field does not recognize the difference between positive or negative chaos; that is, if we focus on the fact that we do not want violence, and if we protest against instead of in a favor of, the field will only receive our focus – violence – in this specific event. That is what we send, so it will be affected by us and in consequence, that is what we will be receiving in return. Mother Teresa once said: “Call me to march in favor of peace, no against war”.

A tangible example of the real power we have over our environment is the experiment made by the Maharishi University in the dangerous city of New York. A group of people through meditation and visualization reduced crime rates up to 17% in that city.

Quantum physicists and mathematicians, based in recent research, give us the formula for making a community change: all that is necessary is the square root of 1% of the total population.

Interview with Githanjaly Pimentel by the Venezuelan Magazine “Mujeres Exitosas” (‘Successful Women’)

Interviewer: It is an honor to interview you for our magazine, since, undoubtedly, you are a Successful Woman. We understand that you are one of the less than 20 people in the world authorized to train instructors in Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life Philosophy, can you talk a little bit more about this work and what it has meant to you?

Githanjaly Pimentel: This has been a blessing that I’ve accepted with much enthusiasm, responsibility and humility. I have taken this important step in my career as a way to further spread this philosophy that has transformed my life. I would say that there is a before and an after in my life: when I was first certified as workshop facilitator, then as a coach and now as a trainer of trainers in the Heal Your Life philosophy.

Practicing and living according to these beliefs and to this way of creating life has brought about a radical change in my life, since chaos had taken over me as a consequence of low self-esteem: health problems, unsatisfied economic needs, poor choice in relationships and loss of direction in life. I’m not saying that my life is perfect, especially because we didn’t come here to be perfect, but to be happy.

In this sense, I can honestly say that I wake up most of my days feeling happy, grateful and excited about the new day that has come and about what I’m co-creating. Now, I face all challenges coming my way, all opportunities for growth (called ‘problems’ by some people) differently and everything flows easily and smoothly. All these external changes are the manifestation of my inner transformation. That is why, I’m committed and I love sharing and helping others in their growth and healing paths.

Any time I look into the eyes of a person after working with him or her at a workshop or a private session, I feel satisfied and I confirm that I’m finally doing what I was meant to.

I: Can you share some points of this philosophy with us?

GP: Louise Hay has spread her message mainly through her book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’, which has sold 50 million copies worldwide. There, she tells us that every positive change starts by accepting and loving ourselves and that we also have to stop criticizing and judging ourselves.

Back in the 80’s, she was already talking about the Law of Attraction. Even when she didn’t call it that way, she said that what we believe of ourselves and of life becomes our reality. We need to be aware first in order to change all those limiting beliefs and patterns into positive ones.

I: How is that achieved?

GP: It is important to do a periodic mental cleansing by thinking of our beliefs about life and its fundamental aspects. Of course, this is a profound work which is not done in one day. We cannot pretend to change in one month, to say the least, the way we have been thinking, feeling, believing and vibrating for decades.

However, it is possible to learn how to ‘disbelieve’ and start replacing old thoughts with new ways of thinking that can make our lives easier, more harmonious and happier. Start seeing and feeling life differently.

Another important step is to get rid of negative emotions such as guilt, resentment and fear. For this reason, forgiving is imperative. We need to start by forgiving ourselves and then forgiving others. Forgiving is the key that unlocks the door to love and abundance in your life.

I: So, to conclude, can we say that positive changes come when we replace our negative beliefs and feelings with positive ones and when we detox our lives of negative emotions?

GP: Basically, yes. A third important component, which has been scientifically proven, is that it is vital to feel as if you were and you had what you wanted to, because the universe is energy and it responds to emotion (vibration), words (affirmations) that we use to trigger those emotions.

Visualize yourself and feel the emotions as if you were living at this moment that future situation that you want to and as if you had that quality that you want to strengthen or you want to have within you.

To conclude, a very simple piece of advice to make miraculous changes happen: look into your eyes in the mirror every day and repeat that you accept and love yourselves just the way you are. Do not believe me, just give it a try for a month and then tell me about it.

Column “Sana tu Vida” (Heal Your Life) published in the Venezuelan newspaper ‘El Municipal’

The stress is an energy that is automatically activated in the body, by releasing some hormones which help us to react in any new situation. The hormones soar according to the primal emotion: fear or love (rage, anger, depression, grief, anxiety, nervousness, are in the bottom, fear). When we remain in a continuous state of fear, without directing properly, leaving us fall prey of panic or anger slaves; not only we take bad decisions, but that we get sick.
Of course a prolonged activity to the groups of stress hormones, spoiling the cells and also the organism.

Here you have some easy tips, which can help you to manage your negatives emotions related to the stress, as the anguish, anxiety, depression and nervous pressure:
On your forehead, over your eyes and just below of the hair lineal exists some points called neurovascular. Hold those points with your fingers, while you are taking some deep breaths, do this during a few minutes daily, in this way you will reprogram your nervous system to have not a negative answer in front of the tension. Doing this regularly will help you to be more capable to think clearly and effectively cope with stressful times.

Locking yourself in your bedroom and to hit your pillow or cushion, screaming at the same with no censure on what you think or feel at that moment. By doing this exercise at least ten minutes, will help you to pull out all these internal negative charges and you won’t hurt anyone else.
Meditate every day at least five minutes before getting out from your house and five minutes before going to sleep. Meditate means to be sitting in completely silent observing the true about you and your soul, that it doesn’t feel fear, that is always in peace.
I am inviting you to follow the simple and useful advice that Mrs. Louise Hay, the pioneer of the movement of self helping in the world, gave me when I met her for the first time: “If you would like to change instantly your negative, ask yourself: What can I think right now to make feel better? ! Do It now!

Column “Sana tu Vida” (Heal Your Life) published in the Venezuelan newspaper ‘El propio’

When we live consciously, in a constant self-awareness, knowing that no event, however trivial appears is a coincidence; we get answers, discoveries that can be a treasure for our emotional healing and personal development.
This morning I was doing my Sadhana (spiritual practice) in my terrace, my dog was with me as usual, when two vultures approached us. They gave me a scare! Suddenly, I imagined being attacked or that they would try to eat up my dog. I shouted at them like a madwoman, “Out of here! ¡We are alive!”! They would go from one side to another, hiding and returning but not going away. They were interrupting me completely. I felt so. Then something beautiful happened that brought me insights and it’s what I want to share with you, because it brings us learning. We can extrapolate this experience to any daily event.
I sat down in silence, closed my eyes and started “speaking” with the vultures.
1.- I told them, in my mind, contacting its energy, that I was afraid of them, that is, I recognized my negative emotion, felt it and did not disguised nor concealed it.
2.- I asked them please to go away; there were other roofs to which they could enjoy. I was kind, I was no longer the hysterical madwoman shouting, offending, attacking. Besides, I was giving them another option, I was thinking not only in my wellness but in theirs.
3.-They “answered” me that fear was my problem, not theirs, that I should solve it. They were right. The vultures were even wise! It was not that they were bothering me, I was the one who allowed them to interrupt me in my objective, my peace, my practice, to amend my energy. It was letting myself to be carried away by fear.
4.- Immediately, they flew off, they went away! Only when I was aware of my fear and aggressiveness, when I stopped reacting to the other, when I acknowledge the needs of the other; I got the goal: Be at peace in my terrace to be able to do what I wished.

The undersigned, Yolanda Krohn de Hernandez, Venezuelan, holder of Identification Card Nº 2.060.567, Translator in the English Language, as per title granted on June, 1979, by the University of Cambridge, under the Title Reference Nº 914851008 and Certification also issued by Berlitz School of Languages, on same date, certifies that the following text is a true translation of the attached document.
This is an exact translation of the document originally drawn in Spanish language which has been submitted to me for its translation into English upon request of interested party.

Yolanda Krohn de Hernandez

Caracas, June 3rd, 2013

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